21 February

-Home/office desktop 1D/2D barcode Printer

MP-H2 is a desktop barcode printer suitable for small or medium print demand.

● The 90° printer core open, easy to install ribbon and label size: support tube core ribbon, support inside and outside surface of carbon ;
● Double paper sensor can identify the label of all specifications and models on the market: including minimum 3mm height label and yellow bottom paper label;
● 203 DPI print resolution, up to 6 inches/s print speed;
● Small size and large space, can accommodate 300 meters of ribbon roll and 5 inches of paper roll;
● Easy disassemble design, printing head and roller shaft easy to disassemble;
● Appearance & color are fashionable and elegant.

Business master, multipurpose device

It's a desktop barcode printer designed to meet the needs of small and medium-amount printing. It's compact in shape, reasonable in arrangement, easy to install and replace with carbon tape and label, can contain up to 300 meters of carbon tape and 5 inch label paper rolls, and can also be connected to a paper rack。 The imported PM motor is stable and quiet in performance. The dynamic temperature control technology of the printing head makes the label definition of the output stable and consistent.

Supports the large or small core carbon belt,support the internal and external carbon surface. Ultra wide range of removable reflective paper detectors and penetrating paper detectors. It is applicable to all kinds of external box labels, equipment nameplates, clothing hangings, heat sensitive express labels, water washers, jewelry tags, medical wristbands, and even paper heat sensitive paper. It accepts continuous, gap, hole punching, black labeling and other label interval methods, truly one device,more functions.

Optimized paper function, even if forgot to do the paper calibration can be used normally. Free attached with fully functional tag editing software, can easily set the label style and layout arrangement, detailed installation instructions and video presentations, easy to use. Provide DLLS, OCX and other secondary development kits, perfect drivers on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, users can use it without any worry.

Main parameters

Optional Accessories

Paper stripper, Ethernet card, Serial port panel