MPTIC P500s has a variety of payment functions,it based on Android 5.1, equipped with Qualcomm quad-core 1.1GHz CPU, adopts first-class manufacturers accessories, owns advanced data acquisition unit,such as MOTO 1D/2D barcode scanning engine. It has built-in thermal printer, can read magnetic strip card, IC card, non-contact card. With multifunctional dock,reading QRcode/barcode on mobile easily, also can communicate with barcode scanners、PC ect. It's a high quality industrial smart POS terminal.


PDT-8B is a Configurable wireless barcode data collector,it's very popular in the international market. Integrated with 32-bit ARM CPU, color TFT LCD, laser scan engine, USB interface and U-disk data exchange mode. It has 4 collect mode: Wireless/USB Scanner Mode,(Configurable)Barcode Collect Mode,Inventory (no names) Mode,Database Mode.


PDT 3E is a simple wireless scanner,it's as same as the traditional wireless scanners. User can use this product without any programming. The screen displays the current radio channel, wireless signal strength and battery level, etc. After scanning barcode, it transmit the data to computer by the wireless base station. It has three collection mode :Wireless Scanner Mode,Barcode Collect Mode,Inventory (no names) Mode.


MPTIC PDT-1000W is a lightweight design mobile data terminal with 400MHz processor and Windows CE 5.0 O/S. Its built-in barcode scan engine has high recognition rate and acquisition speed. PDT-1000W supports real-time transmission of data over GPRS network, WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless network.


PDT-6E is a new generation of wireless barcode terminal with memory, widely used in warehouse inventory, supermarket shopping ect. It has U-disk function,users could manage the files easily by PC.Wireless base station via USB port can be used in WINDOWS without any driver. It has 4 collection mode: Wireless/USB Scanner Mode,Barcode Collect Mode,Inventory (no names) Mode,Database Mode.These 4 modes meet the needs of many application scenarios.


C5000L is a mobile data collection terminal with full numeric keyboards, durable,reliable and powerful. It based on Android 5.1 operation system,equipped with Qualcomm 8916Q quad-core CPU, adopts first-class manufacturers accessories, owns advanced data acquisition unit,such as 1D/2D bar code scanning and RFID. It also has 4G wireless data and communication function, is a high quality industrial terminal.


C6000 is a novel designed mobile data collection terminal. It bases on Android 5.1 operation system, adopts Qualcomm MSM8916q processor, protection level reachs IP54. It is equipped with 1D/2D barcode scanning and NFC identification, owns the function of 4G wireless data communication. It is widely used in medical field.