Model No:PDT8B
Wireless:Adopted 433M wireless data transmission chip, ensures the reliability of data transmission.
Programming: development based on the standard version. It can display, query and calculate the relationship of product attributes.
Flash Memory:16MB,including all of the English fonts. Support U-disk, with 14M memory.
Shutdown Protection: completely turned off on-site protection can always switch on and off, also supports automatically shut down.
Standby Time: more than six months.


PDT8B--Standard Application


This version Built-in three functions mode.

1. Items inventory function

In items inventory work mode, device auto get items attribute name from database fields, then display in screen, it support brows, add, edit and delete records.

Main Menu Inventory Get attributes View Help

This mode can inventory and save up to 40,000pcs of barcode data together with 10 attributes information.


2. Data collection function

When scanning items, every record save as a new record.
Press [F3] key to scan or input default value for Lot Number, this value will not be changed until manual press [F3] key to edit it's value again.

Data Collection Collection Displaying Screen F3: Default Lot Number

After input Lot Number default value, it will not prompt input Lot Number when scanning.

Default Lot number Input Qunatity Input Expiry date Displaying record

Press [F4] key to input default value for Expiry Date, it not prompt input Expiry Date too.

F4: Default Lot number Display default velue Input Quantity Displaying record

Record Query Function:

There is three query mode:
(1).By barcode: query the total quantity of this barcode.
(2).By Lot Number: query the total quantity of this item under the setting Lot Number.
(3).By Expiry Date: query the total quantity of this item under the setting Expiry Date.

Record Query Query by barcode Query by Lot number Query by Expiry date

Use new blank database:

Select 2.New database to create a blank database file for new scanning work. the sources file of blank database is 'Database.bck ', make sure this file is in the 'USB Disk' before using this function.

Record Query Query by barcode Query by Lot number Query by Expiry date


3. Barcode collection function

It support capture barcode, browse records, edit barcode value, edit quantity, and delete record.

Barcode Capture Capture Screen Edit Record

In the browse screen, Press UP & DOWN key to view the Last & Next screen data. If press the number that it before record, it will prompt to delete this record.

Barcode Capture Capture Screen Edit Record

Fields of application:

Mobile Sales Management, Logistics courier services
Fixed Assets Management ,Warehouse distribution center
Power supply Smart inspection, Mobile medical care
Implementation of production, Information event management

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